RIP Rick Parfitt

Together we can rock 'n' roll!

Quo-caine formed in Autumn 2004. We all had one thing in common - the love of the mighty Status Quo. As the sounds and performances became more authentic we realised there was something special happening.

Quo fans are a very loyal bunch, so we are constantly aware that replicating the Quo's music would be scrutinised! We do not attempt to strongly replicate the Quo look – wearing wigs is not for us! However, our attention to detail is precise and very authentic. A great deal of time has gone into creating replicas of Francis Rossi's and Rick Parfitt's battered Fender Telecasters. The instruments, along with jeans, white trainers, a waistcoat and a variety of excellent shirts, are instantly recogniseable to any Quo fan!

The recreation of an authentic sound is the most important aspect to Quo-caine but don't take our word for it – come and judge for yourself by checking out our gig list. There is an infectious rock 'n' roll vibe with Quo's music which is quick to project itself when we play live and we're sure that anyone who attends a show (which lasts at least two hours) will be converted to the power and vastly underated musicianship of the mighty Quo!

See you out there soon!

Status quo Quo-caine

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Quo-caine supporting Rhino's Revenge

Quo-caine are delighted to be supporting Status Quo's very own bass man, John 'Rhino' Edwards and his band, 'Rhino's Revenge' on Saturday 31 March at The Holbrook Club in Horsham. Back by popular demand, we want to pack the place with Quo fans, Rhino fans and rock 'n' roll fans! We'd like to thank Rhino and his management

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